Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Collecting Flower Seeds From Our Garden

As of today July 28th, I am now collecting the following seeds from our garden. Ripe and ready for harvest are the Calendula, Nigella, and Watsonia seeds. Be sure and wait until they are crispy dry before collecting and storing them.

I have collected a number of sifters over the years at garage sales, etc. Each has a different wire strainer size for the many types of seeds sifted.

Because I collect seeds year round and of many varieties, I store them in photo storage boxes with file tabs from A-Z. I find them quickly this way and have many uses for them.

Calendula, otherwise called Pot Marigold, are a flowering edible herb. Use the flower pedals in your salad dishes to dress them up. They are also decorative if frozen in your ice cubes. Use your imagination and get creative.

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  1. Hi seedy woman, whenever I see seeds from flowers that are done I think of you. I hope you are doing well. Probably not much time for you to collect. Summer is passing us by. Take care.